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How to choose a popular modern table lamp


Exquisite modern table lamps are an essential part of indoor home decoration. How to choose a suitable contemporary table lamp becomes particularly important. We can buy table lamps of corresponding styles according to the interior design style, or buy table lamps according to our own needs and preferences. The following is an introduction to some popular table lamps, I believe you can buy the table lamps you want.

1. Kartell Battery LED Table Lamp

Kartell big battery modern minimalist table lamp is made of high-quality acrylic material. Its design is very delicate, elegant and innovative. The modern desk lamp led is transparent as a whole. When you light it, the light is continuously refracted in the lampshade and finally emitted, forming a very beautiful shadow. Kartell big battery lamp is very suitable to be placed on the dining table to create a warm atmosphere.

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2. Atollo Metal Table Lamp

Atollo modern desk lamp gold is shaped like a mushroom, which is a bit playful and cute. It is composed of cylinders, cones and hemispheres, showing the eternal beauty of geometry. Atollo modern desk table lamp has four colors to choose from: Black, Gold, Opal acidato, White. Simple and elegant design, ideal for bedroom and living room.

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3. Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp

Kartell Bourgie modern acrylic table lamp is a classic table lamp with modernist design style. It is the embodiment of the combination of Baroque and Italian style. The transparent striped glass lampshade and the exquisite table lamp base are like an elegant work of art. Modern table lamps for living room are available in four colors: Black, Orange, Red, Transparent.

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4. Panthella Table Lamp

Panthella modern table lamp white is composed of a dome acrylic lampshade and a streamlined aluminum base. Panthella contemporary table lamp bulb is completely covered by the lampshade, the base and lampshade can reflect light to achieve a balanced distribution of light. The simple and stylish mushroom shape makes it suitable for any space.

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5. Oda Pulpo Lamp

This vintage modern table lamp is a classic Scandinavian design. It reveals a supernatural and empty inspiration, allowing you to relax. The modern bedside table lamp uses the transparency of glass to create a water tank-shaped lamp. The light shines like a fire burning inside. The translucent lampshade allows modern table lamp grey to be matched with beautiful Edison bulbs to create a gorgeous visual feast.

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6. Lively Table Light

Lively modern yellow table lamp is a simple Macaron color Nordic table lamp. It has six colors to choose from. Because the modern pink table lamp has a lively and playful color, it is very suitable for use in children’s rooms. It has a stylish profile, so it is lightweight and easy to move.

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7. Snoopy table lamp

The design of Snoopy modern marble table lamp is inspired by the popular Charles Shultz cartoon. It is made of high-quality metal/marble/glass materials. The lampshade with black and white finishes and the exquisite marble base make it look like an exquisite work of art when placed on top of the table.

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8. Valentina table lamp

Valentina modern outdoor table lamp is elegant and exquisite, exuding a unique romantic charm. The light reflection produced by the prism diffuser inspired by high fashion creates beautiful light and shadow, making it a precious item, adding a sense of sophistication to a unique and clear collection.

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9. Taccia table lamp

The Taccia modern table lamp is composed of a cylindrical regular base and a semicircular lampshade. The lampshade faces outwards, giving a feeling that the lampshade is inverted, which is particularly artistic. The Taccia table lamp diffuser is a transparent blown glass that can change direction. When modern table lamp brass is placed in the living room, bedroom, study and corridor, the unique design will make you like it at a glance.

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10. Laguna table lamp

Laguna modern orb table lamp uses hand-blown glass on the aluminum base. It can provide soft diffused light on the desktop and project warm light into the environment. Laguna modern dining table lamp is the perfect choice to create a noble and subtle atmosphere.

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11. Perfection Table Light

The Perfection modern table light is composed of an oval metal frame and opal glass balls. There are two designs to choose from. The difference between them is the number of protein balls and the metal wai’kuang, this elegant table lamp emits a lovely light, allowing you to relax and feel pleasure. It is suitable as a bedside lamp to create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom.

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12. Flowerpot Table Lamp

Flowerpot modern table lamp green is one of the classic design works. It is a lampshade composed of two semicircles. The upper hemisphere is twice as large as the lower hemisphere, and it looks like a flower bud. The modern table lamp white is a colorful and playful lamp that can add vitality to any simple decoration. This retro lamp will not only add gorgeous lighting, but also highlight modern interior design.

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13. Gatto Table Lamp

The Gatto modern desk table lamp is cute and fun. The special materials and curves outline the streamlined body, providing a smooth touch and visual sense. The Gatto table lamp is named after the Italian word “cat”, just like a lazy kitten lying on the table, it makes people feel very comfortable. The unique shape will leave a lasting impression, so it is suitable for living room and bedroom.

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14. IC Lights Table Light

The IC table lamp series has three designs and three color finishes. The IC Lights table lamp combines the designer’s love for industrial simplicity with complex symbolism. The soft light diffuses through the milky white glass ball, how warm and comfortable it is.

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Above are 14 popular modern table lamps. Hope you can buy your favorite table lamp.



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