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Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021


Are you looking for a wall lamp with high quality and low price? Exquisite wall lamps are ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and corridors. The suspension of the chandelier requires space design and a certain height. The placement of table lamps and floor lamps also takes up space. If you are looking for a lamp that can provide illumination without taking up space, then a wall lamp is one of your best choices.

Where to use wall lights ?

Kitchen wall lamp: generally used as directional lighting. It can save space on the premise of providing lighting.

Living room wall lamp: generally used as an auxiliary lamp. The exquisite living room wall lamp can well decorate the space and let your guests feel the light in front of them.

Bedroom wall lamp: generally installed at the head of the bed. It can provide convenience for daily reading, and the light is relatively concentrated. Can provide a quiet and comfortable reading atmosphere.

Corridor wall lamp: It is mainly used for lighting, and the intensity of the light is not very large. Usually used in combination. Installing a light fixture every 8 to 10 feet is sufficient, but depending on the lumen output and the size of the room and light fixture, you may need a little more or less space.

Bathroom wall lamp: The bathroom wall lamp installed near the mirror can be used to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and put aside the tiredness of the day.

How to choose a wall lamp ?

Choose the right shade. When choosing a wall lamp, it depends on whether the design of the lampshade corresponds to the overall style of the space. Brightness generally choose soft light.

Different room sizes should choose different wall lamps. Single-head wall lamps can be used in small spaces, double-head wall lamps or single-head wall lamp combinations can be used in large spaces.

The wall lamp shade should match the color of the indoor wall. According to the matching skills of different colors, the same color or a combination with a high degree of color matching is generally selected, so that it can have a good decorative effect.

Best wall lamp

Lampe Gras Wall light

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 17

Lampe Gras Wall light is a multifunctional lamp that can be installed on the ceiling or wall. Lampe Gras is equipped with an adjustable arm so you can move the direction of the lamp at any time.

Serge Mouille Wall Sconce

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 18

Serge Mouille Wall Sconce is available in black and white. It also has 1 head, 2 heads, 3 heads and many other sizes to choose from. The 2-head lampshade has an independent rotation function to provide greater flexibility.

Vadim wall lamp

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 19

The Vadim wall lamp uses a large glass body, which contrasts sharply with its delicate steel rod. The perforated cage suspended in the air emits soft light and casts a graphic reflection on the wall.

Lederam Wall lamp

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 20

The special feature of the Lederam Wall lamp is that there is an adjustable disc in the front. This design is both exquisite and impressive, and can change the lighting effect. This front plate can be moved to the front and around to create an ideal lighting atmosphere. There are many colors and combinations to choose from, and each combination is like a beautiful artwork.

Edie and Betty Wall lamp

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 21

The Edie and Betty Wall lamp has a curvaceous shape and a compressed center. The carved blown glass balls glow in the color of opal opaque, translucent or transparent glass. Opal opaque molded glass emits a warm glow, while smoky gray, transparent and blue translucent glass are more neutral.

Lride Wall Lamp

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 22

Lride Wall Lamp is composed of lines and circles, geometric shapes with strong decorative impact. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

IC Lights Wall Light

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 23

IC Lights Wall Light is available in two sizes and three finishes. It is designed with blown glass opal glass, which can provide diffuse lighting and a sense of tranquility for any corridor, living room or bedroom.

Creative Wall Light

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 24

Creative Wall Light is like a combination of branches, fruits and petals, which has a magical effect in modern interior design. The golden frame with white, gray or multi-colored round petals looks so beautiful.

Glass Tubular Wall Lamp

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 25

Glass Tubular Wall Lamp has two shades to choose from: Green Glass, Milky Glass. It is made of high-quality metal and glass materials. The combination of elegance and simplicity makes this lamp more unique.

MIA Minimalist Wall Light

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 26

MIA Minimalist Wall Light is very suitable for minimalist space design. It is composed of two balls, the black ball is made of cement, and the opal ball is made of glass.

Modern Circle LED Wall Lamp

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 27

The Modern Circle LED Wall Lamp is composed of circles of different sizes. The three finishes of white, black and gray are the basic colors, which can be well integrated into any environment. Various sizes and combinations make it suitable for large and small spaces.

Perch Wall Lamp

Best Wall Lamp Ideas In 2021 28

The design of Perch Wall Lamp is inspired by nature and aims to capture its ethereal beauty. It uses brass metal to complement the colors of the ledges, poles and round canopy. It is very suitable for use in modern living room and dining area.

The exquisite wall lamp design will bring a special experience to your space design. You can choose suitable products according to your needs.



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