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8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021

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Compared with chandelier, floor lamp has stronger mobility. Compared with table lamp, it has a larger illumination range, which can satisfy the lighting of the entire indoor space. The exquisite floor lamp can not only play a decorative effect, but also has a strong practicality.

1、Adjustable RGB floor lamp

This floor lamp adjustable has a strong practicality. It is made of high-quality aluminum material. It can provide enough lighting to the greatest extent, and can save space, suitable for indoor corners. The adjustability of the floor lamp living room allows you to adjust the lights as needed at any time.

floor lamp adjustable
8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021 15

2、Captain Flint floor lamp

Captain Flint floor lamp for bedroom is stylish and elegant. The top is a rotatable cone diffuser; the bottom is a base made of marble. The floor lamp brass has a rotatable lampshade, and the angle can be adjusted at will to achieve directional lighting.

floor lamp brass
8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021 16

3、Oda Pulpo Lamp

Oda floor lamp grey is mainly made of metal and glass. The exquisite hand-blown glass is transparent, gray, amber, and light blue. The floor lamp modern is very suitable for the living room, bedroom and study. Table lamps are also available for the same series of products.

floor lamp modern

4、LED Sunset Light

Sunset floor lamp led is very suitable for indoor photography to provide lighting. When you light it up, it can create a dreamlike atmosphere for you and make you feel romantic. It is mainly made of aluminum, metal and glass, and the rotatable lens allows you to change the range of the halo.

8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021
8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021 17

5、Noctambule floor lamp tall

Noctambule floor lamp industrial is a fashionable floor lamp. The transparent blown glass cylinder adopts discrete LED technology on the top and bottom, making the lamp holder stylish and attractive. The transparent glass floor lamp, when floor lamp in dining room, can be well integrated with it. It has different sizes and combinations to choose from.

floor lamp vintage
8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021 18

7、Stripe Cage Floor Lamp Black

Stripe Cage floor lamp metal is composed of cage lampshade and tripod lamp holder. The stylish and concise floor lamp large is a modern interpretation of the birdcage lighting design. Suitable to be placed in the living room or corridor.

floor lamp vintage
8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021 19

8、Arborescence series lamps

Arborescence series lamps include table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers. The Arborescence floor lamp modern is made of high-quality copper materials. It is very popular because of its unique design. The light it emits is warm and comfortable, suitable for placing in the bedroom and living room.

Arborescence series lamps
8 Best Floor Lamps Ideas In 2021 20

The modern and exquisite floor lamp introduced this time above.

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