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15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021

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The wooden lamp has a strong modernist atmosphere. Exquisite and stylish wood lamps can add luster to simple interior decoration designs. If you are looking for modern wood lamps, you can take a look at the following representative products.

1、NUT Wooden Pendant Light

The shape of the NUT Wooden Pendant Light is like a nut. Compared with other lamps, it is more distinctive is the decorative effect. The wooden light pendants are available in four sizes and consist of a wooden top and a glass lampshade. The most distinctive feature is that graphics can be drawn on the glass lampshade to make the product more artistic.

 Wooden Pendant Light
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 31

2、MONO Wooden Light Ceiling

This wooden light hanging is available in classic black and white. The MONO wooden light ceiling is made of high-quality metal and wood materials, shaped like an eave, which can concentrate downward light rays. It is ideal for residential and commercial areas.

wooden light fixtures
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 32

3、Japanese ZEN Wooden Globe Light

Wooden chandelier 6 light is based on the traditional design style, combined with wooden texture, which can be well integrated into the indoor space. Although Japanese ZEN Wooden Globe Light is mainly made of metal materials and glass, adding wooden texture to the metal lamp body looks like wooden.

wooden chandelier 6 light
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 33

4、TWIG Wooden Kitchen Light

TWIG Wooden Kitchen Light is a chandelier that combines branches and bulbs. Hanging above the kitchen, when the light radiates through the glass ball, it looks like a shining star from a distance, so eye-catching. It is ideal for the kitchen and above the dining table.

wooden kitchen light fixtures
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 34

5、Wooden Wall Light Fixtures

The wooden wall lamp is composed of wood and cloth. It is an exquisite wall lamp, which has a magical effect in modern interior decoration. The wooden lamp wall and the pleated shape of the lampshade will make people remember its uniqueness at a glance.

wooden wall light fixtures
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 35

6、RING Wooden Light Pendant

This wooden led light is composed of a ring and glass balls. It has three different design styles, and each design has its own unique features. To show the state of the glass ball in motion, the static glass ball is more dynamic.

wooden outdoor light fixtures
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 36

7、Dot Line Wooden Orb Light

Dot Line wooden orb light is composed of wooden branches and glass balls. This is a simple chandelier with a natural feel. Every detail shows superb craftsmanship. The wooden main structure brings an exquisite texture to the lampshade. Suitable for hanging in a comfortable atmosphere space.

wooden orb light
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 37

8、Wicker Pendant Lamp

This is a chandelier woven from wooden materials. Wooden light living room has a modern and popular design appearance. It is woven by hand, and every detail highlights the exquisite technique of the craftsman, which is suitable for Scandinavian interior style.

wooden light lamp
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 38

9、Annulus Wooden Light Fixtures Pendant

Annulus wooden light fixtures pendant adopts the original shape of a tree trunk. The texture of each branch is unique, so each produced product is special. Annulus wooden light embodies the beauty created by nature.

wooden light fixtures pendant
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 39

10、Indoor Modern Wooden Wall Lamp

Indoor Modern Wooden Wall Lamp has three different designs and sizes. Design A: It is composed of a wooden base and a rectangular lampshade. Design B: Composed of metal brackets and glass balls. Design C: Hanging glass ball wall lamp. This wooden wall lamp is an ideal choice for bedrooms and living rooms.

Modern Wooden Wall Lamp
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 40

11、CAVE Wooden LED Table Light

The CAVE Wooden LED Table Light is very small and exquisite. It has strong mobility. You can move anytime and anywhere according to your needs. Wooden night light has two design shapes: cylindrical and square. The light radiates from the bottom to achieve directional lighting.

wooden table light
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 41

12、Modern Wood Birdcage Pendant Light

Modern Wood Birdcage Pendant Light is made of high-quality wood. It is shaped like a birdcage and can cast regular texture shadows. There are two finishes to choose from, black and original wood color. Wooden Birdcage Pendant Light is suitable for use with wooden furniture, making it more modern.

Wood Birdcage Pendant Light
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 42

13、GRAND Wooden Chandelier 6 light

GRAND Wooden Chandelier is made of wooden rings and glass balls. It has three combinations to choose from. 6 glass balls, 12 glass balls and 18 glass balls. The wooden ring and glass ball can give people a magnificent visual effect.

wooden chandelier
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 43

14、FOREST Scandinavian Pendant Light

Forest wooden light over sink has a simple appearance design and strong practicability. Can provide concentrated downward directional light. This conical chandelier has four types of finishes: Oak, Walnut, Matt black and Matt white.

wooden led light base
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 44

15、Cesta table lamp

Cesta wooden table lamps can be used indoors and outdoors. Its design is inspired by traditional lanterns, easy to pick up and move, and has strong flexibility. The opal glass shade is supported by a beautiful cherry wood structure. It is not only beautiful, but also has strong practicability.

wooden table lamp
15 Best Wooden light ideas in 2021 45

The above are fifteen representative wooden lamps. You can choose according to your needs.

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